1. Melissa - Salon Owner, 2. Liz - Senior Pet Stylist and Veterinary Nurse, 3. Heidi - Senior Pet Stylist 4.  Sheree – Salon Supervisor and Senior Pet Stylist, 5. Kathy - Pet Stylist, 6. Sophie - Pet Attendant 

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1.  MELISSA – Salon owner, Pet Stylist, Veterinary Nurse

Melissa  established HG in 2012 and has grown the business from a small one-person salon to what it is today – one of Sydney’s busiest pet grooming salons.

Having many years of experience as a Veterinary Nurse (too many to mention here) Mel has a solid animal welfare and animal care background. Mel has worked at local Vet hospitals since leaving school and is a member of the local community.

Mel is still doing what she loves most – grooming and clipping, plus managing a great team and a thriving business.

Melissa sets the service standard and leads the team at Hills Grooming.                                                             

We value client feedback at HG and Melissa  is always there to help a client and improve Hills Grooming, so do not hesitate to make contact or have a chat.

When not at work Mel manages her home life with her children and her own menagerie.


2.  LIZ – Senior pet stylist, Veterinary Nurse

Liz started her career in 2013 as a dog waker and pet sitter, she then studied to become a Veterinary nurse at a local veterinary hospital on the Northern Beaches. Liz had the opportunity to study pet grooming during this time, this is where she learnt to groom, dogs, cats, and the odd pocket pet.

We were lucky enough to have Liz join The Hills Grooming Team in 2018. Liz has a bright vibrant personality and will never pass up the opportunity to have a chat and talk about your dog.  Liz enjoys grooming all breeds with her focus being small breeds such as Maltese, Shih-tzu and Cavalier. Her most requested clips are “wash and wear’ summer styles and winter clips.

During Liz’ time away from the salon she loves to cook and crochet. Colouring her hair green or purple is also on her list of priorities in her down time!

3. HEIDI – Senior pet stylist

Heidi has been in the Pet industry since 2006, she kicked off her career as an animal attendant at a local veterinary hospital, this is where she developed her interest in pet grooming. Heidi has been a team member and senior stylist at Hills Grooming since 2015.  

Heidi’s clients look to her for the classic ‘teddy style’ grooms: Heidi’s loves of the “oodles” shines though in her grooming. Bathing and a good de-shed on breeds like Labradors and huskies are also high on her list of requests.

When Heidi isn’t at work pampering dogs, she is spending time with her two boys. Heidi also shares her home with two cats, one dog and two birds.

4.  SHEREE – Salon Supervisor, Senior pet stylist

Sheree has worked for Hills Grooming since 2015. Sheree is a Senior Pet stylist and the Salon supervisor, and one of our most experienced team members.

Sheree is an ‘all-rounder’, with exceptional skills in breed specific clips. Poodles and Cocker Spaniels being her area of expertise.

Sheree is passionate about animals and loves her job as a Pet stylist. Being a local resident Sheree enjoys working with our clients. When not at work you may find her researching and planning an overseas trip.


5.  KATHY – Pet Stylist

Kathy is new to the pet industry after many years of working in office administration. Kathy joined our team in 2017 after completing her pet grooming certificate.

Kathy enjoys seeing the transformation after she gives a dog a massage bath and blow dry. Kathy will often perform the hygiene tidies of various breeds and strip outs of the breeds with double coats. Kathy is eager to progress further in her grooming career as she learns more in this role.

Kathy is a family mum, always looking for the opportunity to dine out and enjoy a meal.

6.  SOPHIE – Pet  Attendant

Sophie joined the Hills Grooming team in mid 2019 as our weekend assistant. Chances are if you have brought your dog in for a pamper on a Saturday they will have been bathed and dried by Sophie. Sophie’s caring and gentle approach to bathing dogs makes every dog’s pamper session even more enjoyable.

Sophie enjoys playing soccer, touch football and netball. Most of all she loves taking her two border collies, Archie and Millie to the dog beach.